Last night's Super Bowl highlights can be summed up in three words: Bruno Mars and commercials. Check out my top 5 favorite commercials from Super Bowl 48.

5. Doritos "Cowboy Kid" -- I love this because as a kid, I always wanted to ride my dog like a horse, and this kid does it flawlessly!

4. Beats Music "Ellen & the Three Bears" -- How can you not love Ellen dancing with life-like bears?

3. General Mills Cheerios "Gracie" -- After much controversy of this mixed family in their original commercial, Gracie and her parents are back with an announcement!

2. Radio Shack "Phone Call" -- I am an '80s baby! Enough said!

1. Pepsi "Get Hyped" -- This pre-halftime ad reminds me of getting ready for the #JazzyDriveAt5 with DJ Heat!!

Now you've seen the best Super Bowl ads, now watch THE WORST!

Go Daddy "Body Builder"

** Honorable Mention **

Maserati -- "Beasts of the Southern Wild" fans may have gotten really psyched for an apparent sequel to the film before realizing they’d just watched a 90-second ad for a luxury auto, starring the ever-fierce Oscar nominee Quvenzhane Wallis.

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