The Summer is here and a lot of wonderful new and old places are opening because of this beautiful weather. Here are My top 3 places to take someone you actually care about. Do not waste my places on every "WCW" you have.

1) We have all been to Niagara Falls with family but have you every took you girlfriend? Do it! The view is something to remember while holding her. Save that for the end of the date, First you have to visit the Maid of the mist Its a Boat ride through the falls Its super fun and it kinda takes pressure of the whole "date". If you want your WCW to smile Take her to these two places.

2) The Sun is out which mean all the water fronts In buffalo whether its the marina , LaSalle Park Or even Outer Harbor are open and looking great! Every beautiful Woman wants to get out the house and shown off, Why not do it with great scenery, The Marina Has paddle boats, ice cream, food and a little beach with CLEAN sand why not take a few pics with your WCW there.

3) Last but not Least I just discovered this place not to long ago The Drive In Movies! I swear that is the best date you can take somebody, I feel like it's a retro 90s date that we see on tv but never really been to. I plan on taking my beautiful WCW there Soon.

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