Top 3 Places To Take Your WCW This Summer
The Summer is here and a lot of wonderful new and old places are opening because of this beautiful weather. Here are My top 3 places to take someone you actually care about. Do not waste my places on every "WCW" you have.
1) We have all been to Niagara Falls with family but have you…
Rick Ross Releases 'Mastermind' Release Date
The Boss, Rick Ross spilled the beans on the release date for his upcoming album, Mastermind.
Debuting in stores on March 4th 2014, the MMG boss' album release date was promoted in an ambiguous Hype Williams-produced video.
Check the video out below and let me know what you think on facebook or …
Frugal VS Cheap Dates [AUDIO]
So a man takes you out on a date and when it comes time to pay, he pulls out a COUPON! Would you feel like a "Cheap Date" or are you down with the discount date? Chime in and see what others think on this Hot Topic Tuesday!
Rihanna & Drake Dinner Date?
Riahanna and Drake were sopotted out having an intimate dinner at Son's of Essex just a few weeks after Rihanna revealed that Drake’s new song “Hold On, We’re Going Home” was her favorite song of the moment.
It's unclear whether the date was an attempt to rekindle their flame or to dicuss a possible …