New Biopic Alert! Guess Who?
Well It looks like P diddy started something here, after releasing "Cant Stop Wont Stop" The P. diddy biopic Russell Simmons is the next person who will have his story told with the title 'Life And Def: Sex Drugs, Money + God' .
The project will cover the rise of rap and h…
Another Edition Of Motivational Mondays
Another Edition Of Motivational Monday, Something to get you going through another full week check it out below
For so long I was that kid who pushed his assignments to the last minute because I felt as though I worked better under pressure
Top 3 Places To Take Your WCW This Summer
The Summer is here and a lot of wonderful new and old places are opening because of this beautiful weather. Here are My top 3 places to take someone you actually care about. Do not waste my places on every "WCW" you have.
1) We have all been to Niagara Falls with family but have you…