As the winter gets colder and colder and cuffing season drags on, it's easy to forget that we're getting closer to Valentine's Day. As the big V day gets near, those of us who find ourselves on the single side of life get a clearer picture of how difficult it is to find a quality partner to date.

Just look at the situation we find ourselves in here in Western New York. New York State has several cities that rank among the worst places for single people in America. Couple that with the large number of single people in New York's cities, then the picture can be kind of bleak for the average Buffalonian.

And while the Empire State is a great place to fall in love, you have to be able to find someone first. With the seemingly desolate state dating in Western New York finds itself in, you would think that people would be willing to adjust their standards to find a suitable mate - however, this is not the case, which seems to drive the vast amount of things that give people the ick.

What Is The Ick?

If you spend anytime on social media, then you have to have heard the term the ick by now. According to Urban Dictionary, the ick is something someone does that is an instant turn-off for you, making you instantly hate the idea of being with them romantically.

While I understand being turned off by things, especially some of the disgusting things that some people do, a lot of the things we see on social media being floated as the ick are just downright petty.

According to TikTok creator Wyszkay, the things that give people the ick have just gotten ridiculous. He's compiled a list, which was more than 600 last time I checked, of things that people find icky, and some of them seem okay, while others are beyond stupid.

Given the large list of icks people have shared, it made me wonder, what are some Buffalo icks?

What Gives You "The Ick" Buffalo Style?

Since the ick is so prevalent, what are some Buffalo-related things that would give you the ick? Here are a few that I can think of.

Not Being A Bills Fan Gives The Ick

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
Getty Images

Putting Ranch Dressing On Wings Gives The Ick

Food Supply Chain Issues Create Shortage And Higher Prices On Chicken Wings
Getty Images

Not Liking Snow Gives The Ick

New Storm In California May Push State's Snowpack Past Record High
Getty Images

What are some other Buffalo icks you can think of?

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