The biggest sports rival for Buffalo sports fan has to be Tom Brady, although Jack Eichel quickly rose up those rankings in recent months.

Brady turns 45 years old today and is regarded as the greatest quarterback in NFL history. Since being drafted in the 6th round of the 2000 NFL Draft, he has eclipsed over 84,000 passing yards (most all-time), 624 passing touchdowns (most all-time) and has won seven Super Bowls (most by any quarterback).

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However, Bills fans know that there are blemishes to the career highlights, such as the two times the New England Patriots franchise was docked by the NFL; once in 2007 for the famous "Spy Gate" incident, in which the NFL found the Patriots to be filming the New York Jets sideline, as well as "Deflate Gate", which Brady and the staff were accused of purposely deflating footballs for an advantage in the 2014 playoffs.

Now, Bills fans and other NFL fans are wondering why Brady is being let off the hook in another scandal.

The NFL have stripped the Miami Dolphins of their own 2023 first round pick, along with a 2024 third round pick; as well as fining owner Stephen Ross $1.5 million and suspending him through October 17th.

That is because the league found Ross to be guilty of tampering with both Tom Brady, when he was a member of the Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, as well as then New Orleans Saints head coach, Sean Payton.

Ross and the Dolphins had contact with Brady about potentially playing for Miami and being in their front office as early as August of 2019, when Brady was under contract with New England.

What's fascinating is the NFL did not punish Brady nor Sean Payton.

Wouldn't have Brady had willing conversations with Miami if they had gone on that long? 2019 into 2020?

Ben Volin of The Boston Globe told Dan Le Batard that Brady is just as culpable in this as the Dolphins, as he was "flirting" with them all season in 2019.

Fans want to know why Brady wasn't suspended as well.

Brett Kollmann tweeted he figures Brady was not suspended because he was only discussing post-retirement ownership stake with Miami, but as Kollmann points out, that is the ultimate gray area...

I think Brady is very fortunate to not face a suspension or fine in this entire saga.

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