The fallout from the Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets football game on Monday Night is reaching far and wide across the NFL.

Not only were members of the Mafia shocked by the poor play of Josh Allen and the entire Bills Squad, the Jets were shocked after losing Aaron Rodgers to injury early in the first quarter after being taken down by Leonard Floyd on the Jets 4th play of the game.

Aaron Rodgers Out For The Season

Rodgers, who started this season running on the turf inside of MetLife Stadium carrying a big US Flag and high hopes for the Jets, went down very early in the game; and just as fast as the Aaron Rodgers era began this year, it ended as Rodgers has been ruled out for the season.

Medical reports from the Jets facility reveal that Rodgers has a partially torn Achilles Tendon in his left leg that will require surgery. That injury has ended the season for the 4-time All-Star quarterback. ESPN is reporting that there has not been a timetable released for when the surgery will happen, or how long it will take Rodgers to recover.

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets
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What Will The Jets Do Without Aaron Rodgers?

Now with Rodgers out, QB1 duties fall to Zach Wilson who was able to lead the Jets to an overtime will against the Bills.

Jets coach Robert Saleh has publicly given Wilson his vote of confidence as someone who can lead the Jets for the year, but there are plenty of people who have their doubts about his abilities this early in his career.

Fans and pundits alike think there may be a better option at quarterback available for the Jets to pick up if they are willing to open up their checkbook a little more.

It appears that even though Tom Brady was just in Foxborough, Massachusetts accepting an award from the Patriots, there is a push for him to un-retire again and take his talents to New Jersey to take the helm of the Jets.

While stranger things have happened, I surely hope that TB12 is happy in retirement and this is only fan fiction.

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I guess we'll just have to wait and see what the Jets do.

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