You know what... this "NO SNITCH" thing is the most ridiculous concept I've ever heard of. 2 Year-Old Xayeliz Morelas is in CRITICAL CONDITION following a Hit & Run  ACCIDENT that took place this past Sunday night on Floss Avenue.

Whoever was driving the vehicle was possibly not even at fault...but now, because the driver has fled the scene, he (identified as a Black Male in his 20's by the Buffalo News) has put themselves in tragic position...but there's always time for them to TURN THEMSELVES IN (or for YOU to TURN YOURSELF IN if you were driving and you're reading this).

Despite the driver AND PASSENGERS being cowards in this situation... YOU CAN BE A HERO by SPEAKING UP.  I KNOW someone MUST KNOW SOMETHING of the Older Style, White, Four Door, CHEVROLET IMPALA with TINTED WINDOWS!!!!  Someone in the Community KNOWS THE CAR AND THE DRIVER!!!!  SPEAK UP!!!!!

The other troubling, head-scratching aspect of this TRAGIC EVENT is the disbelief with respect to any parent leaving a 2 Year-Old UNATTENDED OUTSIDE!!!  How does that happen?  It's beyond my understanding.

Please watch the News Video and if you know anything about this incident, please call the CONFIDENTIAL BUFFALO TIP LINE @  716-847-2255.


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