hit & run

Another Cowardly Hit & Run in Buffalo
There've been a rash of Hit & Run accidents in Buffalo as of late with yet another over the weekend.  I feel compelled to write about this particular Hit & Run because I actually saw it happen ... something I wish I had never witnessed.
Toddler In Critical Condition
You know what... this "NO SNITCH" thing is the most ridiculous concept I've ever heard of. 2 Year-Old Xayeliz Morelas is in CRITICAL CONDITION following a Hit & Run  ACCIDENT that took place this past Sunday night on Floss Avenue.
Whoever was driving the vehicle wa…
Local Hero Catches Hit&Run Driver
Allow me to shine the Queen City Spotlight on Benny Kirkland of Lancaster, NY he was determined to bring a drunk driver to justice after he hit and killed a boy on his bike! Benny grabbed the young man by the collar and rubbed his nose in the mess he just made!