're reading this; so you 'Love Your Pet' as much as we love our Boots & Twink ...our Kitties!  Boots is the Mom in the picture attached (the Black Cat) and Twink is her Daughter (The Black & White Cat).

Our experience having a cat has been nothing short of interesting  We only had one cat before Boots snuck out of the house to be with her Boyfriend who, up until she got 'FAST' and ran off, was the cat she would only see through the window.

Well, Boots finally came back about a month later, after her Rendezvous, MEEEEOWING up a storm!  We noticed her sides protruding after a few weeks and just thought she was getting fat.  Then we came home one day and Boots was extra affectionate following us everywhere we went in the was weird.  We had suspected she may have been pregnant, but stuck to our 'getting fat theory' because we didn't want our little daughter to be pregnant.  Anyway, we happened to see a Blanket on the couch when we got home day, which is not normally there.  We eventually moved the blanket and...THERE WERE 4 NEW BORN KITTENS UNDER THE BLANKET.  Boots had had her babies all be herself and was smart enough to cover them up to keep them warm.  I think that Boots covering them up at Birth has had a lasting effect on Twink, because she is ALWAYS trying to climb up under a blanket, towel, ANYTHING she can find to get under.

We love our Boots & Twink so much, and if you feel the same way; take advantage of 'LOVE YOUR PET DAY' today and show them off by Sharing a Picture of your Pet or Pets Online!  Check out Boots & Twiink below!

Todd Anderson
Todd Anderson


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