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Generally, people either love a celebrity or hate him/her. Either way, we can’t help our need to read all about the most intimate details of their lives. WBLK keeps you updated on all the scandals…and other celebrity news.

Peep This: WATCH: J.Lo & Cardi B Drop “Dinero” Video
I was waiting on this one!!! The video has finally arrived. 2 hot talented successful Latinas that a buzzing globally.
I don't care what anyone says about her (J.LO) singing she ages like fine wine , she will always kill is in performance and fashion not to mention she's the only Latin…
The Future is now:Nike unveals the “Auto-Lacing” shoe!
Now everyone remembers, well if your a 90's babi you prolly don't remember the back to the future scene when the Micheal J's shoes lace automatically. It was the dopest scene ever with Micheal J Fox. It really shocked and took that movie to another level but anyway...

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