Ironically, during these current times of Police reform and Black Lives Matter, there will always remain a blemish in Buffalo regarding how much Black Lives Mattered to other Black Lives when, on the evening od August 14, 2010, eight people were shot and 4 people (Shawn-Tia McNeil, Willie McCaa, Tiffany Wilhite and Danyell Mackin) died as they attended an event at what used to be the 'City Grill' in downtown Buffalo.  Seven years after the tragedy, after being shot in the head and never recovering, Demario Vass died, according to the WGRZ report.

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Although the event will be remembered solemnly in Buffalo, there is one woman who has put a positive spin on the tragedy after losing her husband on that dreaded day, August 14, 2010.  According to WGRZ News, Tanisha Mackin, not only lost her husband, who was one of the victims of the tragic shooting who died, it was also her and her n husband Dan's Wedding Aniversary.

Tanisha Mackin remembers: (according to WGRZ)

"Ten years, and I'm telling you, these 10 years seem like it happened yesterday."I just remember a lot of commotion, and I told Dan (her husband), 'Let's leave,' " she said. "And as we were leaving out, that's when you heard the shots being fired."

According to the WGRZ report, The Mackins actually lived in Texas at the time but came back to Buffalo specifically to celebrate their anniversary and have a reception. They happened to go out to City Grill during their visit back to Buffalo.  Since that night of her husband Danyell Mackin's death, at his young age of 30, Tanisha has beaten colon cancer, continues to raise her son Danyell Jr., who was 6 at the time, and her daughter, Destinee, who is now 10 years old, and she just completed a book, along with other women, entitled" Words from a Widow.".

Tanisha shared this with WGRZ's Claudine Ewing:

"Destinee is now 10, she asks a lot of questions, just randomly out of the blue she will ask a question about her dad, I mean, we talk about him normally. I don't really sugar coat anything with them, we talk about him, we remember him.  I've got two kids that need me so I have to keep pushing," she said. "At one point I wanted to, I'm not going to lie, I wanted to die. I just wanted to curl up under a rock. But when you have two kids that depend solely on you, you can't give up."



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