Faith Evans & Stevie J tied the knot this week! The suprising news shared via an encrypted tweet exchange between the two was confirmed on July 17th by a spokesperson for Faith Evans, the two are indeed one. Sending a huge congrats to the newest industry couple however their marital bliss may not last too long as Stevie J supposedly has a new baby momma looming in the shadows! Her name is Misha Perry and not only is she only 20 years old, she also claims to be pregnant by the the producer/Love & Hip Hop ATL star and says he owes her thousands of dollars. Geesh! Many are speculating that Stevie's marriage to Faith is to keep his story line jumping on reality TV, what do you think? Click here to read more!

50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather have reignited their beef via Insta. Floyd called 50 Cent out for being a snitch and basically broke and Fif clapped back calling out Floyds spotty past with Domestic Violence and vows that the beef ain't over! OMG...hopefully these two hot heads can keep things on social media.


Shareif Ziyada, Getty Images

Tekashi 6ix9ine was reportedly kidnapped, beaten and robbed. It's being reported that he was leaving a video shoot in the wee hours if the morning in Brooklyn and his car was rammed. Following the collision he was dragged out of his car beaten and taken to his child's mother house where he was taken for cash and jewels. Many speculate this was a marketing scheme to promote his new song with Nicki Minaj "FeFe". What are your thoughts?