Rapper Lil Wayne suffered two seizures this week within a 24 hour period after being released from the hospital. He was aboard a flight when he began to convulse, the flight then diverted to Houston where he was hospitalized…not too long ago almost the exact same incident under similar circumstances happened to Rick Ross, which makes me wonder if their similar “lifestyles” have something to do with it?

More bad news for the music industry was reported this week…Sean Combs better known as P Diddy was injured in a major car accident on Thursday. His SUV T-boned another vehicle leaving Diddy with injuries to his neck ribs and collarbone.

Also in another sad accident, Natina Reed age 32 who was a member of the R&B group BLAQUE and also played alongside Gabrielle Union in the movie Bring It On passed away after being struck in a hit and run in Atlanta Georgia early this morning. She would have celebrated her 33rd birthday tomorrow. Sending condolences to her family including her 10-year old son.

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