Most young men and women dream of playing professional sports and scoring the winning goal, shot, or a touchdown to take their team to the championship or big game like the Super Bowl. That dream for most young players starts with youth sports. Now, as a former coach of little league football, I totally understand how young kids feel when they're not recognized for the great job they are doing.

Here's what I mean

The least glorified position on the field in little league sports is the one that no one really wants to play. Let's be honest, especially for some men, you want to see your son or daughter as the star of the team, and to keep it real with you that's why some parents volunteer to coach. Now that little league sports are back in full swing, keep this mine, I know some parents like to live through their kids, just don't lose sight of the fact that the sport is for them to have fun, so if your child is playing one of the least glorified positions on the field, make sure they're doing their best at the position and being highly recognized for the job they are doing.

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Buffalo has always been big on little league football, I think this city has some of the biggest fans and supporters of youth sports than any other place I've ever seen. I would like to see more organized teams come to the city and even have it televised.

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