School is back in session and kids sports have begun! For some of us, this will be the first time we get to watch our kids practice a sport of any kind. Our son Hank played T-ball this past summer and this fall he and his younger brother are part of soccer shots.

I have to admit, I have watched a few soccer matches but really don’t know much about the game or the sport. I have been doing a little research behind the scenes with some friends and coworkers about what I should know.

But as a parent taking a child to practice, what are my responsibilities and what should I know? I really want our kids to enjoy the sport that they are trying out for the first time but I also don’t want to teach them bad habits or interfere with what they are trying to do. The hardest part for me after watching our boys practice was to not interject too often when they get distracted or seem to be disinterested. The number one thing anybody will tell you about kids sports is that the goal is for them to enjoy it and have fun!

But beyond the kids having fun, what else should a parent remember if they are taking kids to a practice of any kind? At some point, I’m sure it becomes just a drop off... and pick up... situation. But our kids are five years old and three years old and are learning from the very first step/kick so to speak. So we are very much involved in what’s happening at practice. Based on what I saw at our kids first day, and from what I am hearing from others who have been there and done that, here is a list of things that may help you if you are taking kids to sports practice or at some point picking them up from practice.

Important Rules Parents Need To Remember At Kid's Practices

Good luck mom and dad!This is an exciting time and hopefully it can be made less frustrating at points with these following steps.

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