Flight delays and cancellations are normal for anyone that flies, no one likes or appreciates the inconvenience that it causes in most cases, but we all have been there. I can imagine being delayed for a few hours or even overnight, but can you imagine being stranded for three days with your family trying to get home from a vacation? According to newsbreak.com, a Buffalo family has been trying to get home since Tuesday, but the flights that they are booked on keep getting delayed or canceled.

To make matters worst, it's their first vacation in ten years. The Meyers headed to Tampa for some fun in the sun, now the party is over and they are trying to get home. The family of seven arrived at the airport one hour before their flight was due to take off, that's when they got a notice from the airlines that their flight had been canceled due to weather-related issues, and all other flights are booked. The family then tried to get a flight into Rochester, at the check-in counter, they find out that, that flight had been canceled too.

Now they have spent over $1000.00 on the hotel cost, in addition to the money spent on the trip, plus they have rented car space at the Buffalo Airport which will run them more money, plus the cost of the kennel they have with two dogs being taken care of. Lastly, some of the family members decided to rent a car to get home which ran another $700.00

The airline is sorry for the inconvenience and offered the family a two hundred dollar voucher. The family understandably looking for more than that.

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