When you think of an attorney, someone who's held an esteemed position as Buffalo's first Chief Diversity Officer with the Mayor of the City Of Buffalo and the current Chief of Staff of one of Buffalo's most prestigious Universities you might envision an uptight, super rigid, strict woman that's so engulfed with her success that she's not truly living.

I too thought this would have been the case but not when it comes to Crystal J. Rodriguez, Esq. Her super fun personality and down to earth persona are one of the reasons why she's loved by so many. I too believe, these are the reasons that she's been wildly successful. No matter how many board rooms or court rooms she's entered, no matter the obstacles she's faced with being a minority woman in a shark filled political landscape, she has remained true to herself.

In addition to her commitment to her success she's also a fully committed mother and maintains that being a mom is her greatest accomplishment.

Aside from practicing law, one Crystal's primary passions is helping small businesses establish and thrive which is something she's also remained true to throughout her career. Her commitment to this passion has led to introducing a one of a kind opportunity to business owners or those looking to start one, the Attract, Manifest, Repeat Retreat. She states, "This one of a kind, all inclusive business retreat is for the SAVVY entrepreneur that is ready to create the business and life of their dreams." Attendees will not only leave with a wealth of knowledge from panel discussions and hands on workshops but will leave with a filed LLC.

On the latest episode of The Mommy Mogul Podcast, Crystal J. Rodriguez. Esq. talks more about the challenges she faced on her journey to becoming an attorney while being a mother. She also talks about her upcoming retreat and more! Check her out on the latest episode below



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