Aset nursing Heru/Credit Chris Reynolds
Aset nursing Heru/Credit Chris Reynolds

Today is December 24th and this is the Karast Maat Kwanzaa.

Today we observe the principle of ASET.

ASET is the wife of ASAR. In ASARIAN drama, she searches the land for ASAR, her husband and rightful king of the land. Even after SET cuts up the body of ASAR into fourteen pieces, ASET finds the missing pieces and reconstitutes her husband in order to divinely conceive a son that will restore order and his father's will on the earth. Thus, ASET represents the aspect of searching for the true self. She is steadfast in her allegiance and fully committed to finding ASAR. Once she brings forth the divine son, she protects, nourishes and provides for him until he is able to challenge SET for the throne.

On this day we acknowledge our searching for the true self and we seek the birth of the Karast within.

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