The Principle of Heru December 25th

Born – Celebrate that Karast has brought
forth true Will and Vision within and
transformation is at hand. To be born.

This is a day of Celebration for a Son is born, the Spiritual Sun within. And not
inconsequential on this day, the Sun begins its march back towards the earth.
The Ancients celebrated this day because the Sun literally and symbolically
represents life giving essence. Of note, the Sun is not fully resurrected until after
the Vernal Equinox (Easter). However, it is acknowledged that all is well for it
[the Sun] has returned.

This day is a day of celebration and thanksgiving. We may receive gifts or give
gifts to others in recognition and honor of the Karast within. However, “gift
giving” should only be done so provided an undue burden is not created. Going
into debt, which is slavery, to give gifts would not be consistent with the spirit and
intention of this Holy Days observance ritual. The gift of your divine presence is
received and acknowledge by all.

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