We Skipping Halloween This year We Skipping Thanksgiving and going right in to the Christmas spirt !


If you are new to Buffalo, 1) Welcome 2) if you never seen snow before take the bus we drive regular speed with snow on the ground but we all know how to drive so its okay.

But 1 thing is for sure we love all holidays the snow just makes Christmas a lot better and we take advantage of it while we can with the Festival of lights. Im 23 and I still get excited about this festival. Millions of Christmas light in one place making it look like winter wonderland. Its fun for the whole family.


Officials announced the Western New York the Fairgrounds Festival will begin the day after Thanksgiving so don't over do it with the eating and black Friday sales

The Festival of Lights will run for 15 nights and will be open every weekend through December 15.

Check out more details on their official Website

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