Ahhhh...Valentine's Day ... the most stressful day of the year for MEN...especially  when and if you're 'broke' ... or get paid the next day.  Lol.  The day should be renamed 'LADIES' DAY' ... because Valentine's Day is equivalent to Father's Day when it comes to considering how important a "DAY" it truly is as it applies to guys.  $19.6 Billion is projected to be spent on Valentine's Day Gifts in the United States this year.

Valentine's Day has pretty much become a day whereas Guys show their Wives, Girlfriends, even their Moms how much they love them ... the reverse is not necessarily as important in terms of ladies expressing the same 'measure' of sentiment.  What the heck do you get a guy for Valentine's Day anyway...Flowers? (No) , Candy? (hmmmm...naw), a Tie ... YES...Ties are the Universal Gift for men relative to ANY Holiday or Celebration.

The fact of the matter is that Valentine's Day focuses on women for the most part, as witnessed by the marketing efforts of most store's Valentine's Day displays, TV commercials, etc.  But how did Valentine's Day originate?  If you don't know you may be totally surprised as it has ZERO to do with how it's currently celebrated.



Happy? Valentine's Day

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