This Is What Governor Cuomo Sent President Trump This Weekend
I'm sure by now, you have heard that President Donald Trump was hospitalized after testing positive for COVID-19 on Friday. Early Friday morning at 1 a.m., he tweeted
Governor Andrew Cuomo said that he will be sending a care package to the President and First Lady "just to give them som…
“Buffalo in a Box” is a great gift for those that miss WNY
The 716 is always missed when you no longer have access to some of the key ingredients that make up the city. Other than the great people of Buffalo, the food is always missed for those who are from Buffalo and have re-located and these things cannot be replaced in any other region or city...
NFTA Police Give Gifts!
The NFTA Police gave 4 Buffalo Families a visit today to being some Holiday Cheer!
The gesture is proof that there is a Police presence in Buffalo we should be Proud of!
Man's Perspective [VID]
Valentines Day is this Saturday and what you do or don't do on this day very well may determine the destiny of your relationship. A Buffalo man is stirring up controversy with his rant about women who expect too much and why he doesn't believe he should have to go all out on this one day! …
Techie Gifts For Dad
Sure, your dad saidhe didn't want anything for Father's Day, but that might also have been a not-so-subtle hint that, thanks to the last several holidays, he has quite enough ties and golf balls, thank you.