The historical Colored Musicians Club located at 145 Broadway in Buffalo is the only African American Club of its kind in the United States, it was designated as a historical preservation site in 1999. I remember going to the club upstairs as a DJ for private events, I would set up on the stage and look around the small but cozy place and think to myself, this is where some very important people to the music industry have played.

According to, the preservation board approved the renovation and expansion of the 100-year old building. The upgrades will include, a new redesigned stage, professional lighting, and a new state-of-the-art sound system. The building will also get some much-needed sound acoustic treatments as well.

There will be a second structure to include upgrades to accessibility features like elevators and restrooms to accommodate all guests in the all-new atrium, which will have a green room and educational spaces. This is really great to see that this incredible historic building is getting the attention that it very well needs and should have. I also like the fact that the architects are doing everything they can to update it and give the structure the new technology without taking away so much of that nostalgic feel.

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There will be local and national firms that specialize in jazz performance venues to help ensure the top-of-the-line musical experience for visitors that are expected to arrive here from all over the world.

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