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Well this news is very exciting for me because I am a major supporter of the DJ...I mean think about it, there is no party without a DJ, there is no need for music without a person to play it so in my eyes the DJ is someone who is VERY important in entertainment. So its about time that they get the recognition necessary. So ladies and gentlemen I present to you the Global Spin Awards!

"After a long overdue wait, the oldest pillar of the music industry will get its proper recognition. Next month, the Big Apple will host the first annual Global Spin DJ Awards dedicated to the men and women behind the wheels of steel.

At a press conference earlier this week hosted by Sway Calloway with panelists Clinton Sparks, Marley Marl, Funkmaster Flex, and Kid Capri, the awards organizer Shawn Prez made the monumental announcement of the highly anticipated ceremony. "The global presence of the DJ. The motivation is simple; it's a need", says Prez. "The actors have the Oscars, even the writers and producers have the BMI awards. If you're a DJ and you're doing your thing no matter what genre of music, you will be recognized by the Global Spin Awards." With categories ranging from Regional DJ of the Year to International DJ of the year, this trailblazing ceremony is guaranteed to garner support from turntablists around the globe."


Not only am I excited about that awards but I am most excited that one of my featured Go Getta DJ's from The Go Getta Mix, DJ Blazita has been nominated for Female DJ of the Year! If you didn't know Every Friday night from 10:00 pm – 2:00 am,  You can get into The Mix, The Go Getta Mix Live with me ADRI.V where DJs get the chance to showcase their skills and be selected for an opportunity to mix today’s hottest hits on The People Station 93.7 WBLK. Giving off-air talent the chance to mix it up with The Go Getta Mix which serves as a platform to takes these up-and-coming music masters on a live-to-air exposure ride throughout Western New York and Southern Ontario that no one ever forgets.

Open to ALL DJs, those making it past the preliminary screenings will have the opportunity to submit their own mixes that will be played during The Go Getta Mix each Friday night. Want more details on how a DJ can get into The Mix?? Just email me ADRI.V The Go Getta at for more information.

So please check out and check out to see who is nominated. The Global Spin Awards will be held in NYC at a location to be announced to invited guests only on November 19th, I am hoping I have a seat at this one.


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