If you follow my blogs here on WBLK.com or my personal site DJEdNice.com, you know from time to time you'll hear me talking from time to time about politics and the like. Specifically voting. I don't take for granted the fact that someone who looked didn't always have the right to vote and wasn't even considered a whole person.

With all of that said, just recently we had Primary Election day and I am so underwhelmed in saying that out of the 574,553 of you that were eligible to vote, only approximately 12% of you showed up...

Now that 12% doesn't tell the whole story. Generally speaking, city residents vote at a lower percentage then suburban residents. Case in point, the Primary election results for Buffalo City Court Judge.

ECBOE 2011 Primary Buff City Court Judge via www.ECBOE.com

141 People voted for a City Court Judge... 141 out of how many thousands of people live in Buffalo? Right (So for all of y'all that be in and out of City Court, you didn't think that potentially picking the Judge might help you out just a little? #BlackBerrySideEyeFace).

So anyway, I say all of that to say this: the meat and potatoes of politics happen on the local level and the 1st Erie County Executive debate between current County Executive Incumbent Chris Collins (R) and Mark Poloncarz (D) is tonight on WNED Channel 17 (Channel 3 on Time Warner Cable) at 9pm.

If any of you ever complained about how you were (or anyone you know) has ever been mistreated in the EC Holding Center, or if you had to 'quit your job' because the daycare subsidy has been cut, or you tried to go to the library but couldn't because it closed down, then you need to participate.

Don't dishonor the memories of those who came before you, participate in the political process and seize the power that we have. Your opportunity to change things happen on the Tuesday after the first Monday ever November.

Educate yourself and participate or Don't Complain If You're Not Going To Help Change Things.

Feel free to watch my tweets as I respond to the debate. Don't forget that Election Day this year is November 8th. I'll see you at the polls!

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