Yesterday was easter Sunday and with today being Dingus Day, there is one attraction at Broadway market that brings people downtown each year and serves as the ONLY reason some people come.

Dorothy Malczewski had no idea that when she created her Butter Lambs many years ago, they would become a Buffalo staple at the Broadway Market.  Easter time is a wonderful time at the Broadway Market and the Butter Lambs are a major reason the Market's draw during the Easter season is such a desire for thousands.

Adam Cichocki, who arks for Malczewski Butter Lambs, shared the meaning behind the Butter Lambs and what they represent:

“It’s the sacrifice of lamb and God in the Eucharist. So it has a red ribbon which symbolizes the blood of Christ, a hallelujah flag on its back which symbolizes hallelujah peace on earth and peppercorn eyes which signify God’s lighting of the world.”



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