There's one good thing about the Buffalo Bills' 2018 Schedule for the upcoming Season.  The Bills have are protected from at least one GUARANTEED LOSS as the Cincinnati Bengals are NOT on the Bills Schedule at all.  This Bengals continue to Bless the Bills ... last season a late Bengals victory landed the Bills miraculously in the Playoffs, and already during this Post Season the Bengals gave up their Back-Up QB to 'help' the Bills again...and NOW we see that the Bengals have given the Bills a break by removing themselves from the 2018 Bills' Schedule!  I can' remember a Season where the Bills and Bengals didn't clash helmets.

Well here's a look at the Buffalo Bills' 2018 Season Schedule in it's entirety:

I am the ULTIMATE CINCINNATI BENGALS FAN, with the Buffalo Bills being my 2nd favorite Team, so I'm elated that the Bills will be able to possibly go undefeated this year, whereas, if they were scheduled to play 'US' this season, that possibility would just not be feasible.

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