Please feel free to include or suggest any Commandments you think I've missed within these 10 Commandments of Pre-Game Tailgating as the following is my personal list.

  1.  Always bring two footballs ... in case one is intercepted by another tailgater rooting for the opposing team
  2. One must show Team Loyalty and wear at least one item repping your team
  3. Don't forget the grill
  4. Promise to drink enough booze and beer before the game so your semi drunk needing only two more stadium beers to set you straight
  5. Bring Winter Gear in Buffalo, even if the forecast calls for 90 degree weather
  6. Invest in throat lozenges to prevent laryngitis from yelling your lungs out
  7. Start your Pre-Game Party at least 5 hours prior to game-time
  8. Forget to bring the ticket for the tailgater you hate
  9. Use the bathroom before you get started
  10. Charge freeloaders $10 per item

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