The regular football season is almost upon us and there will be Sunday gatherings all around Western New York. Anyone that hosts football parties will always have a family member or friend that doesn't really know that game of football, they are really just there for the party. Have you ever heard of football party rules? Well, that is a real thing, there are some people that have rules when you are attending their football gathering. One of my rules is. don't ask questions during the game, you can always ask during commercials. Here are some common goofy questions non-football people ask.

Why Are They kicking A Field Goal?

This question cracks me up, if one team scores a touchdown it's not a field goal that they are kicking, it's is the point after attempt or the "extra point". I know that sounds crazy to football people but that is a question that gets asked by a non-football person at a party.

If The Team Just Scored Why Do they Only Have 6 Points?

Well for a long time, when people get together to play street football, the score would be kept by 7's. The reason for this is because, in a street football game, you don't kick the "extra point". A touchdown is worth six points and the point after attempt is worth one.

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Why Does The Referee Keep Stopping The Game?

This question is asked more times than you would think, but it's annoying to people that really know the game of football. The referee will stop the game when there is a penalty on the field by one or both of the teams.

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