We're just over two weeks away from the official start of the 2021 holiday season; although, many have already started their holiday plans. Perhaps you're one of them.

There's a reason they call Christmastime the "most wonderful time of the year," because it's truly something so many look forward to every year.

The holidays can also be stressful. Trying to get everything checked off before Christmas Day comes, which can be hard because of work and finding the time.

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Online shopping is popular in 2021, but many here in Western New York still love to go out to the local stores and shop the old fashioned way. Nothing replicates that feel of going to a store in person and finding that perfect gift for a loved one. You don't realize until you get older that the feeling of that beats receiving a gift.

There are tons of great places to shop locally to but those Christmas gifts. They have a throwback feel that transport you back in time, or they sell stuff that really show off why Buffalo is so great.

These places are going to get very busy as we get closer to Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Check out the 10 best places for local Christmas shopping in Western New York.

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