The rapper was invited up to the show this morning in order to discuss his music as well as the beef he has had with fellow rapper #TheGame and #YG recently, however, he and Charlamagne ended up having a little spat about each other’s relevance.

6ix9ine began by explaining how just last year he felt that too many people had opinions about what he should be doing. “Let me do what I’m doing, because obviously whatever I’m doing is working,” he told the hosts. Charlamagne was not having it and brought up the recent rap needs 6ix9ine has been involved in. “Nah, not when it comes to all that need sh*t,” he said.

That’s when 6ix9ine threw the shade right back at him and said, “Listen, you don’t got no Billboard records.” Charlamagne cut him off to say, “Yeah, because I got a nationally syndicated radio show, I got a New York Times best seller, I got movies coming out…”

6ix9ine responded to that with,

“If it wasn’t for this [The Breakfast Club], I would have never heard about you.” 👀

Check out the full interview below!

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