Surely in the corporate world you have encountered several excuses people give to try and fight their way out of those boring, mundane staff meetings but one teacher did the absolute most.

via Gawker

A teacher at Renaissance Charter High School for Innovation in East Harlem, apparently bored out of his mind at a staff-wide “town hall” meeting last week, jokingly texted his wife, “Call in a bomb threat”—so she did, missing her husband’s second text with the most essential bit of info: “Haha.”

By the time the teacher’s wife realized he was just kidding, POLICE were already on their way. She apparently attempted to call them off, but because POLICErightfully take all bomb threats seriously, they told her they had no choice but respond and descend on the school.

“It was meant to be a joke. It was misconstrued, and, boy, oh, boy, before we knew it, there were cops here,” the school’s executive director, Stephen Falla Riff, told the New York Post.

Riff told the Post that after police arrived and spoke with the teacher—so far only identified as Eric—for “some time” and learned it was all just a big misunderstanding, they were cool with it. “The NYPD was satisfied it was a joke,” Falla Riff said. “If they thought there was any doubt whatsoever, my guess is that he would be in cuffs right now.”



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