They were all over the place in the 90's. Tamagotchis are the virtual pet that you can take care of and actually mimic a real pet's daily functions.

Soon, you will be able to buy a new, larger version of the Tamagotchis.

"Tamagotchi On," a full-color version with a larger screen that interacts with other Tamagotchi devices. The manufacturer, Bandai says "you can breed two characters to create an offspring with unique traits."

The best part though is you can connect two devices through Bluetooth and can actually pause play, so your Tamagotchi won't risk dying, which was always a big fear when they were popular here in the 90's.

Even though their popularity never away in Japan, the fad drifted away in North America until it was re-released two years ago.

Tamagotchi On will cost you a bit though, at $59.99. It will hit stores on July 28th and can be pre-ordered now from Target, Amazon, GameStop and Urban Outfitters.

Now, you can have a bigger, better Tamagotchi! 

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