The "SkyScreamer," a swing ride that rises 24 stories high,inaside the theme park in Darien Center which is 27 miles east of Buffalo.


The SkyScreamer will be 242 feet tall, Darien Lake announced in a release. The swing ride has a capacity for 32 riders (16 open-air swings, each seating two riders ), which quickly rises while spinning around a 98-foot circle at 35 mph.


They Told the Buffalo News:

“We are thrilled to introduce the kind of innovative, world-class attraction that Six Flags is known for,” said Darien Lake Park President Chris Thorpe in a release. “This high-flying tower ride will offer guests a chance to soar through the clouds with majestic views of the park and surrounding countryside far below. Six Flags SkyScreamer is an exciting, new addition befitting the name Six Flags Darien Lake.”

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NEW for 2019 - The Six Flags Skyscreamer, set to open at Six Flags Darien Lake in 2019 will stand as the tallest ride in New York State!

The ride is currently in operation at several other Six Flags theme parks.


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