Shortly after arriving at work this morning, I witnessed a silver car smash into an NFTA Train at the Corner of Lafayette Square and Main Street right in front of Tim Hortons in Buffalo!The silver car seemed to have run the light, trying to make it across the NFTA Train tracks but was unsuccessful as the NFTA Train smashed into the right side of the car.

The car then crashed into a large public garbage can but then kept going!

The car traveled a short way down Lafayette Square before taking a right turn onto Washington Street passing quickly by the front of The Lafayette Hotel and was then gone!

There are any number of silver cars, which makes this difficult, but if you see a silver compact car today that has damage on its RIGHT SIDE, you may want to jot down the License Plate number and call NFTA Detective Division @ 716- 855-7446 or The Buffalo Police Department @ 716-851-4403, 716-853-2222 or call 911.  


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