There've been a rash of Hit & Run accidents in Buffalo as of late with yet another over the weekend.  I feel compelled to write about this particular Hit & Run because I actually saw it happen ... something I wish I had never witnessed.

Here's my Facebook Post from my personal FB Page regarding the incident.

People drink and think it's ok to drive. Saturday at 3 am I watched a body flip at least 5 times (VERY HIGH) through the air and land 50 yards away, crashing through the glass on the side of an NFTA Bus Shelter. The young man, who had just had a great time inside Club 77, now lay bleeding inside the Bus Shelter missing both limbs while EMT tried to unsuccessfully to keep him alive. According to some, he was a local boxer, just married, with a child on the way. Now all that is GONE! The HIT & RUN DRIVER came barrelling down the street from nowhere, travelling on the wrong side of the street, going at least 60 miles per hour down Broadway...DRUNK... the coward is now facing Jail-Time for taking a life ... all because of a few too many dumb-ass drinks. DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE ... IT COULD END AN INNOCENT LIFE AS WELL AS YOUR OWN. :(

Police are asking for the Public's assistance with any information whatsoever... but WHY?  The car was found!  Can't something be quickly established from the registration, etc?  Regardless, as a witness to this event, there is no one who knows anything other than what was seen, so as far as the Public helping is concerned, I am imagining that source to be a dead-end.  I'm again left baffled by the fact that the Police found the vehicle but are asking for help.  Maybe try the DMV.

Additionally, a message to the coward who ran and any others who have done the same within the past weeks who were the culprits in injuring and ultimately, in this case, killing someone.  My message to you is that you are currently a coward, however, that status can change by turning yourself in.  Thinking you'll get away with what you did is completely absurd on your behalf.  The longer you wait and run, the worse the outcome for you.  You are already JAILED within yourself based on what you did....but let's give you the benefit of the doubt for a moment and examine who's actually guilty in all of this.  The liquor companies who made the liquid you put in your body that cause you to drive drunk and kill are responsible but will not face any charges.  The individuals who may have sold you too many drinks at whatever bar you were coming from...AND / OR...the 'friends' who partied with you and allowed you to drive are ALL as guilty as you are.  You are NOT in this alone although you alone will have to suffer the consequences.  You can choose to live a lie and a guilt ridden conscience for the rest of your life, or you can do the right thing and turn yourself in.  the reality of the situation is that YOU KILLED SOMEONE.  You took the life from a wife and an unborn child who will never meet his / her Dad.  That loss of life, THREEFOLD and more, in exchange for the amount of time you will sit in jail for what you did is not nearly comparable.  Accept responsibility for this incident, serve your time, have remorse for the family of your victim, apology from your heart (because I'm sure you didn't do any of what happened purposely) and eventually come to a place of peace within yourself...anything LESS is grossly inappropriate and will lead to a Self-Cursed life.  Finally; you did not do this....the liquor in your body, bloodstream, and brain is the ACTUAL OVERALL CULPRIT.  So come forward...face the consequences, and show people that you are SORRY.  People are forgiving regarding these type incidents, but ONLY in the cases where the perpetrator confesses and gives him / herself up.   Your victim cannot help himself .... but you can help yourself, and the victim's family, by sacrificing your current freedom (temporarily) for the life taken.  There is NO WAY out of this whoever you are ... but there can be a light at the end of the journey of justice for you by putting yourself in a position to ultimately HELP save someone's life by becoming an advocate for NOT DRIVING AFTER DRINKING.  Here's praying you'll do the right thing and turn yourself in, apologize to the family, do your time, and come away from all of that with the attitude that you're going tom make sure no one does what you involuntarily did this past Saturday Night / Sunday Morning.  God Bless You.


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