Allow me to shine the Queen City Spotlight on Benny Kirkland of Lancaster, NY he was determined to bring a drunk driver to justice after he hit and killed a boy on his bike! Benny grabbed the young man by the collar and rubbed his nose in the mess he just made!

News of Dr. James Corasanti’s not guilty sentence has spread rapidly throughout the city of Buffalo and has us all talking about the "injustice system".  Jurors acquitted Corasanti on all felony charges related to the death of the 18-year-old skater Alix Rice last July including Manslaughter and Hit and Run charges.

Earlier this month a similar tragedy happened in the Buffalo suburb of Lancaster.  Michael Ettipio, 23 of Lancaster, was not only drunk and speeding in the wrong lane of the road, but recklessly struck 14 year old bike rider Bryce Buchholz and proceeded home. Bryce was announced dead at the hospital. 

It wasn’t long before Ettipio was brought back to the scene of the crime for him to realize what he had done.  Neighbor Benny Kirkland witnessed the horrific event, tracked him down to the driveway of Ettipio’s home, put him into his own car and made him return to the scene of the crash.

"I grabbed him by the back of his shirt and said: Let's go," Kirkland, 40, told The Buffalo News. "You're going to answer for what you did."


Benny Kirkland is a hero for bringing this man to justice. We need to recognize this brotha for helping out local law enforcement. Kirkland is a great example of a positive Black man who needs to honored for doing what he did not have to do.

Ettipio has been charged with second-degree vehicular manslaughter, leaving the scene of a fatal accident, driving while intoxicated and failure to keep right. Police records indicate a roadside breath test showed Ettipio’s blood alcohol content was .225 percent — nearly three times the legal limit.

With similar charges between Corasanti and Ettipio, will this young man also walk scott free, or do you have to be white AND rich to get aquitted of a crime you admit to doing?

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