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Hip-Hop Headlines -- April 13
This week's definitely been a busy one for hip-hop. Between Jay-Z's tourism troubles and his response to them, Ray J's ratchetness and Rick Ross' cost of being the "boss" it's easy to overlook other gems.
We've got you covered, thoug…
Hip-Hop Headlines -- March 7
HHH is off hiatus and back with the latest news from your favorite artists. This week includes Kanye's past with MTV's Sway, new Kid Cudi and news on Kendrick Lamar's "Poetic Justice" music video -- so let's jump in!.
hip-Hop Headlines -- 1/21/2013
The year continues, and so do the headlines. We've had you covered with exclusive releases -- like Justin Timberlake's new single featuring Jay-Z, "Suit & Tie," and Pusha T's latest banger featuring Rick Ross, "Millions" -- an…
hip-Hop Headlines -- 1/10/2013
After what has felt like an eternity, Hip-Hop Headlines is back! The holiday season is over, and artists are starting to drop new tracks to start 2013 hot. This week's post is a mix of what we've missed from the holidays along with the biggest headlines of 2013 so far!
Hip-Hop Headlines -- 12/12/2012
As expected, our favorite artists are dropping more and more records and videos in time for the holidays. To our Jewish readers (and/or hardcore Jay-Z fans), Happy Hanukkah!
Here are a few of the hip-hop gems from this week.
Hip-Hop Headlines -- 11/28/2012
As expected, many of your favorite rappers waited until the holiday season to start dropping gems. Fabolous, Joe Budden and French Montana all released mixtapes this week, and more music is on the way between now and Christmas, so be sure to check in every week for your Hip-Hop Headlines.
This week has proven to be an amazing one for rap fan's iTunes collections, with two major mixtapes dropping in the same week, multiple new singles hitting radio and Kendrick Lamar's album leaking (you won't find that here -- sorry!). It's safe to say the fall season is officiall…

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