Word on the street is that George Zimmerman was at the beach with his girlfriend, her son and his younger brother. Once the beach-goers noticed who they were sharing the sun with, they started harassing him, and someone even screamed there was $10,000 on his head!

Zimmerman and his clan then went back to their hotel, but the mob FOLLOWED HIM! The group had security check their room for safety and had them stand guard until Zimmerman and Co. left the hotel and the city!

Personally, I don't want anybody else to get in trouble for hurting that man. I'm sure karma has something set up for him. But everyone doesn't feel that way -- check out this video and see who put a $1 million bounty on his head!

What do you think about this: Is he deserving of everything he gets, or should people let karma do what karma does? Let me know on Facebook and #TellEmHowYouFeel! Then share to your friends and let them join the conversation.

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