Seminole County Sheriff's Department


You may remember him as the over zealous neighborhood watchman in Florida who took the life of Trayvon Martin, or you may remember him for getting acquitted of all charges in that case. Either way, he has been making headlines every since then going in and out jail. 

His name appeared on headlined once more last week after getting into a fight with his girlfriend where he threw a wine bottle at her after a break up. The couple was arguing over a painting when Zimmerman "snapped" as his girlfriend detailed. She also said that he is "Psycho."

“She further indicated that tonight’s dispute involved a painting that Mr. Zimmerman wanted back, and that he attempted to take their relationship further than what she wanted,” according to the offense report The victim “told Mr. Zimmerman that she did not intend to continue a relationship with him, he allegedly got upset and caused this disturbance.”

Zimmerman is now facing aggravated assault charges and you have to wonder, after all of these issues with the law, should he had been on "neighborhood watch" on Februrary 26, 2012?