I'm updating my original BLOG COMMENTARY regarding the Zimmerman VS DMX Celebrity Boxing Match with this VIDEO of a New York Radio Station DJ Vowing to do everything within his power to make sure the Fight does not happen!!!!

I'm disgusted!  Why?

  • George Zimmerman is scheduled to FIGHT

  • George Zimmerman is considered a "CELEBRITY"

  • George Zimmerman is being ACKNOWLEDGED! 

I'm disgusted because:

  • I thought George Zimmerman couldn't fight... thus needing to use a gun to shoot & KILL 7 year-old, unarmed, Trayvon Martin (who would've been 19 TODAY) and end his life...now he WANTS TO FIGHT???? Huh!!!???

  • ...instead of IGNORING & PROTESTING ANYTHING George Zimmerman does and his request to even be acknowledged, there are celebrities feeding into more of his "BS"!

  • PEOPLE are going to actually pay to see George Zimmerman FIGHT DMX

  • I'm disgusted that 67,000 PEOPLE have signed a petition protesting Michael Vick speaking at an event in North Carolina

  • What if Zimmerman Wins... then what?  Does that prove he was LYING!!!!????

George Zimmerman should NOT be allowed to FIGHT for Charity or any other cause... PERIOD.  The African-American Culture should PROTEST TO PREVENT IT!!!!  

I think of O.J. Simpson who was found NOT GUILTY...but upon being AGGRESSIVELY pursued he ended up in Civil Court and suffered a great financial loss and is now in prison while being refused parole... George Zimmerman has been caught speeding, accused of abusing his wife, and who knows what else he's done beyond getting away with murder (in my opinion)....and not only walks FREE... but now will raise money based on having killed someone.

 I thinks it's appalling that "Zimmerman" is able to do anything other than be COMPLETELY IGNORED and left to waddle around by himself on this earth...rather than be deemed a CELEBRITY!!!  Are You Kidding Me??????? Celebrity implies there's something being CELEBRATED.... and there's nothing to celebrate regarding George Zimmerman whatsoever!!!!

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