11 Year old Shot in the Head on Humason Avenue
I didn't want to believe this at first, but WIVB has reported that an 11-year-old was apparently shot in the head along with a 20-year-old on Humason Avenue off Genesee Street.
The shooter is still at large! If you have any information please contact your nearest police department...
Buffalo’s East Side Comes Crumbling Down [POLL]
Mayor Byron Brown’s administration is on a mission to tear down (demolish) dilapidated houses and buildings that are privately and publicly owned. There have been at least 5,700 buildings brought down over the last decade or so and there have been mixed feelings on what is happening …
When “Stop Snitching Campaign” Goes Wrong
10yr old Abdifatah Mohamud, who was beat to death by his mom's abusive husband, had told his friends & classmates about his stepfather's constant abuse, but none of the kids reported this to an adult! Why would these kids hear this boy's cry for help …
4 Alarm Eastside Fire: $750,000 Damage
Buffalo firefighters continue to investigate a difficult 4 alarm fire they battled well into the evening.

It all happened at Salerno Paint & Paper, 671 Wyoming Ave near Kensington ave, on the cities eastside.

The call came in about 3:40pm, Tuesday afternoon.

When firefighters arrived, they im…