In efforts to help people start eating better and provide healthier choices on the East side of Buffalo, a man named Alexander Wright decided to create the  African Heritage Co-op.

Wright began expressing interest in the Co-op after a bad experience in a grocery store where the employee disrespected a customer. He knew at that moment he wanted to do something that could help the entire community.

As the president of the African Heritage Co-op, Wright states:

“I’m from the East Side of Buffalo. You see a serious lack of fruits and vegetables, outrageous pricing and a lack of businesses representative of the community. With the help of the Co-op, Wright  plans to change that! The Co-op has already had many pop up locations but plans to open their own brick and mortar soon with hopes to employ over 60 Buffalo residents. The Co-op works with multiple local farms to make prices affordable and are looking for more to become partners with.



The Co-op holds monthly Pick-ups where you can place and receive an order.  The upcoming dates for pick-ups are September 10, October 15, and November 10.

According to WIVB, He wants to model the Co-op  after The Lexington Co-op on Elmwood which has been around for years. The Lexington Co-op  has also pledged $200 for help with the start up costs.

To become a member or help out email or call 716-573-1844. Like and Visit the African Heritage Co-op Facebook page here for more updates.

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