Governor Kathy Hochul announced that construction has started a $71 million affordable housing development near downtown Buffalo. Rehabilitation of the Ellicott Town Center has begun. The development has 281 homes spread out among four high-rise towers and 12 townhouses.

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Governor Hochul said,

We remain committed to uplifting the East Buffalo community, and the preservation and improvement of our affordable housing stock is one of the most important ways we can address systemic social and economic inequalities that continue to impact this community. The work beginning at Ellicott Town Center will enhance nearly 300 homes and will support our efforts to right the wrongs of the past and build a fairer, more equitable future in Buffalo.

The rehabilitation includes interior and exterior improvements, including kitchen and bathroom updates, new roofs, windows, siding, sidewalks, and enhanced lighting

The rehabilitation is part of Gov. Hochul’s $25 billion Housing Plan. Her goal is to create or protect 100,000 affordable homes around New York State. The plan includes 10,000 homes with support services for vulnerable populations and the electrification of an additional 50,000 homes.

New York State Is One Of The Most Segregated In America

A new report says that New York State has the distinction of being one of the most segregated states in America. The Fair Housing Matters NY report states,

New York bears the unfortunate distinction of being one of the most segregated states in the country. The patterns are not accidental and are not the reflection of personal reference, as claimed by some. Intentional action by government must be taken to undo the harms of a history of segregationist policies -whether it is increasing mobility and housing choice in other neighborhoods or reinvesting in existing communities to equalize access to resources.

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The report found that when it comes to housing, it seems like New York is stuck in the past. Approximately a third of New Yorkers live in majority-white or majority-non-white segregated counties. In downstate New York around 44 percent of residents are living in highly segregated counties. Nearly 100 percent (95 %) of Black and African-American New York residents live in a county that is highly segregated from white households. When it comes to Latinx and Hispanic residents, 48 percent are living in counties segregated from white households.

The report attributes the high percentage of segregated counties to:

- Racism in real estate and lending
- Zoning and land use laws
- Gentrification and displacement
- Affordable and government-supported housing being concentrated in distressed and disinvested areas of the state

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