NYPD Supporters incite much rage in supporters of Eric Garner, as they wear shirts that say "I CAN Breathe" at a protest on Friday in NYC. 

This weekend proved to be very eventful for the NYPD as protests still erupt across the country for recent accounts of police brutality. One of the major protests have been centered around Eric Garner's last words as died in an Officers chokehold,  "I Can't Breathe."

Garner was the Staten Island father who was being detained on a street corner for allegedly selling loose cigarettes. Garner's confusion about his arrest led to him being put in a chokehold where he yelled "I can't breathe," and submitted to police but was not let out of the choke hold. Garner then died.

A group of NYPD protesters took to the New York streets Friday screaming, "Don't Resist Arrest!" These supporters showed the utmost disrespect by wearing shirts saying, "I can breathe."


NYPD supporters wearing black hoodies with the words “I can breathe” demonstrated outside City Hall Friday evening, sparking a war of words with opposing protesters picketing at the same location.

Outnumbered 2 to 1, about 100 police supporters proudly sported the hoodies — a sick twist on Staten Island father of six Eric Garner’s final words as he died from a police chokehold on July 17.

They shouted “Don’t resist arrest,” every time demonstrators who believe Garner was murdered screamed “I can’t breathe.”

After going back and forth at each other, the anti-police brutality protestors jammed onto the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges to take their message to Brooklyn, causing massive traffic delays, according to the city’s Office of Emergency Management.

Was this a sign of disrespect to Garner and his family?


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