This is something that will surely catch you off guard, Kiiursti Ali, Muhammad Ali's alleged secret love child, has come forward and wants to see her father as he has become as ill as he has. She also wants him to give her away at her upcoming wedding.

Kiiursti Mensah Ali says she was the result of a 20-year affair her mum had with him in his heyday.

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali’s secret daughter today makes a passionate plea to his family: “Let me see him one last time before he dies.”

Kiiursti Mensah Ali – who looks remarkably like the ex-world heavyweight champ – reveals she was the result of a 20-year affair her mum had with him in his heyday.

She claims a 1988 paternity test proves she is his child and that Ali agreed to having his name on her birth certificate.

Kiiursti, 33, also tells how the boxing star visited her and mum Barbara Mensah several times when she was little – and that she has become close to some of his other nine children.

But she says she was cut out of his life when he married his fourth wife Lonnie in 1986 – three years after he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.

“Muhammad Ali is my dad – but everything changed the moment he married her,” says Kiiursti.

“He stopped coming to see me. As the years went by he got sicker and sicker. She stopped him having a relationship with me. It’s been devastating.

“Now, I want to say goodbye to him before he dies. I want her to please let me have that chance. I’m not after his money. I don’t care about that. I make my own.

“All I want is to spend time with my father especially now he is so ill – but she has control of everything.”

And Kiiursti revealed she wants Ali to give her away when she weds. During our interview, she flicks through family photos showing her as a child with the fighter who became The Greatest in the 60s and 70s.

By the time Kiiursti was born, Ali already had eight children and an adopted ninth from three marriages and two other affairs.

Kiiursti claims he never denied he was her father. His name was put on her birth certificate and he managed to find time for her, despite his busy workload and hectic personal life.

She says Ali would secretly fly to Houston to see her and her mum. “He saw me as a baby and a child,” she says. “I remember when I was three or four, he would come and stay at a hotel downtown.

Unable to see her dad, Kiiursti started contacting his other children.

She says she’s met her eldest sister Laila, a professional boxer, numerous times and enjoys a close relationship with the only boy, Muhammad Ali Junior, who she talks to regularly.

And she has a special reason for hoping her plea works soon.

She says: “I’m just about to get married to a wonderful man and I would love my dad to meet him.

“I don’t care if he needs pushing down the aisle, I’d want him to give me away. That would make it perfect if dad was there. It would be wonderful.”

I hope that the family can work this out. Would make their day special for sure.



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