If you ever wanted a career where every day was different, consider becoming an officer with the New York Department of Conservation.  Check out these five animal rescues over the course of one week.

Imagine trying to rescue something and it’s doing everything possible to make it difficult. That’s the problem these officers face in attempting to help injured or trapped animals.

Five Animal Rescues Made by New York Conservation Officers in One Week

Officers rescue a fawn, a family of ducks, a year old bear, and an injured bald eagle

Close Encounters of the Bear Kind

"It is important to remember when recreating outdoors, that you are not the only one who enjoys a campfire snack. Bears are present in most of the state, specifically the Catskills and Adirondacks, and their innate curiosity can lead them into some trouble. "

Credit - NYS DEC


Hungry bears will eat almost anything. Kayla Marris had a bear visit her site and eat a citronella candle. "He ate the whole thing off the picnic table and left an empty can."

Photo Credit - Kayla Marris

Jerry Sevey had a visitor at his campsite too.

Photo Credit - Jerry Sevey

The bears don't just come out at night either. Karl Stacer had one sit on his picnic table during the day.

Photo Credit - Karl Stacer

Heidi Moon caught one roaming near her campsite. "It walked right behind my husband."

Photo Credit - Heidi Moon

Diana Golden captured this massive bear at her camp in the Adirondacks.

Photo Credit - Diana Golden

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