Man Runs Over Head, Oprah..Toe
In the last few days there have been a couple freak car accidents in which body parts have been rolled over by the heavy vehicles yet the victims survive! In California a man ran over his own head and in Florida Oprah jumps into action after her driver crushed a woman's toe.
Gym Accident or Murder?
Parents are demanding Justice for Kendrick Johnson, the 17yr old Georgia boy who was found dead in a rolled up gym mat at his High School. The death was ruled a accident, but all the evidence points to foul play, including his Missing Organs! Details Inside.
A Father in Edmond, Oklahoma accidentally ran over and killed his son while driving a truck pulling a float during the Fourth of July parade.
Mom Says Sons Death Was an Accident?
Less than 24 hours after Florida resident George Zimmerman was charged with second-degree murder for killing 17 year-old Trayvon Martin, the teenager's mother has stepped forward claiming she believes her son's death was accidental.
Run-Away Cart Runs People Down On Football Field [VIDEO]
A run-away golf cart used by field staff somehow took off without a driver and plowed into a number of unsuspecting people on the field at Cowboy's Stadium. A grounds person was able to chase the cart down and bring it to a stop. Word is a yard marker somehow fell and wedged the accelerator down causing the freak accident.
Sean Kingston Feeling Better After Crash
A little more than a month after being severly injured in a jet ski accident singer Sean Kingston says he’s beginning to recover and feel like his old self. Kingston tweeted to his fans: “Feeling a lot better! God is Great! Thanks for all the prayers and support...