T.I. is responding to Kodak Black's claims that the Atlanta rapper tried to get him booted off Atlantic Records.

On Saturday afternoon (March 5), Tip hopped on Instagram Live to address Yak's recent claims.

"I happened to look down and see young brother Kodak kicking a freestyle on The Breakfast Club," Tip started. "[He] mentioned my name. Said something ’bout me and Big Boy tried to get him kicked off a label. You know, whenever I hear my name in stuff that ain't true, I just try to, gotdamn, I try my best to initially when I hear it, to clear that shit up. Man, my nigga, I ain't never wasted my time, energy or oxygen trying to worry about you or nobody else and what muthafuckin' record label they was signed to. Nah, that ain't how I get down. And I know you don't know me. So, I'ma just say this right here, that ain't how I get down, bruh."

He continued, "I don't care what record label you signed to. I don't care how much money you have. I ain't trying to interfere with none of that. I wish you the absolute best. And I told you that face-to-face in your section at Booby Trap. Told you, 'I'm happy for your success and I wish you much more of it and I wish you the absolute best on your journey.' So, I don't know where that shit came from. We slapped hands and parted ways amicably...Your song jammin', though. I fuck with it. Continue on."

Kodak was on The Breakfast Club last week to promote his new album, Back for Everything. During the interview, he kicked a freestyle that name-dropped Tip toward the end. "Niggas trying to play me out my money," Kodak raps. "Made a general statement I was speaking in third-person/Tried to twist the shit and hurt me/Snatching food from my table/T.I. and Big Boy tried to get me kicked up off the label."

T.I. and Kodak have a history of tension that dates back to when Kodak made what many deemed an inappropriate statement about Nipsey Hussle's child's mother, Lauren London, right after the L.A. rapper died. Tip was one of the first rappers to call out Yak while some radio stations vowed to pull his music. Kodak and Tip traded shots over what the Atlanta rapper felt was disrespect. Things died down and Kodak apologized to London in 2020. It looks like he still holds some hostility toward T.I.

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